How to Carry a Designer Bag for FREE or even MAKE MONEY doing it

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Do you want a designer bag, but you think, "I can't afford Michael Kors Outlet it!" I'll tell you how to have one for a small investment price and you can always get your money back so therefore it's FREE! Sometimes you can even EARN MONEY carrying a designer bag! For years I've been carrying Michael Kors, Chanel, and Coach and guess what? I've actually made money by doing's how...Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Spot a Fake Fossil HandbagHow to Identify Authentic Michael Kors BeltsInstructions 1Open an ebay and paypal account. If you already have one, then great let's get started.2Research your bags. Find out which bag or bags you are wanting to buy and know every detail about it. Know which lining the bag should have, which markings should be on it, etc.I have found that the easiest way to do this is to know which bag I want and look at it in the advanced search under a reputable seller such as fashionphile or someone who is well-known in the ebay community for selling authentic bags. These sellers will usually take close-up detailed pictures of the bags. Compare these photos to the one you are wanting to buy.One other way you can do this is pay someone such as, caroldiva, on ebay to verify the authenticity of your bag. I think it costs about 5.00, an investment well worth it. You can also join and become a member of the purseforum, they will also look at the item and tell you if it is authentic. Until you are a professional, these are some great ways to buy used authentic bags without getting fooled out of your money.3Research sellers. Know which sellers are completely reputable by checking their feedback and looking at what types of bags they have been selling and for how long (for example, on ebay, if you are buying Michael Kors it is usually safe to buy from members who have a mypoupette recommendation. This means that their bags have been approved by LV experts to earn this title)There are a few reputable coach sellers and stores on ebay that start listings at .99 and have no reserve price. You can usually get these at great deals!4Research in the Advanced Search to see what this bag normally sells for. You do not want to spend more than these prices or you will lose money in the long run.5Don't get impulsive. It may take days or weeks even to get that deal you've been looking for. Check auctions nightly, the best deals are usually around 8pm or later. You can also check the newly listed tab for good deals in the buy it now. My favorite ones are the buy it now or best offer. Sometimes people are willing to take much less after the bag has been listed for a few days.6If you score a great bag, take good care of it. Treat it as a little gem and when you are through and ready to move on...7SELL IT! It's so easy to sell on ebay, and guess what? Great used designer bags will not lose their value. If the bag is still in great condition you can usually get your money back or sell it for more than what you have invested in it!Tips & WarningsOnce you've become a professional bargain shopper, you can actually make money with this. I have a Michael Kors speedy 30 that I only paid 250.00 for it! When I decide to sell it, I am sure I can get at least 350.00. That's 100.00 (minus my ebay and paypal fees of about 10.00) for carrying a designer bag. I've been doing this for years and I will do it forever. I know look at my bag as a little investment not a sacrifice!Make sure you educate yourself thouroughly on how to spot a fake bag. See my article on fake coach and check out the ones on fake LV bags. Ebay offers sites like this as well. Read the one Michael Kors Factory Outlet written by fashionphile, it is very useful!  digg  newsvine  furl  Y!  smarking  segnalo